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Tax Deductions
Tax deductions are those deductions that are deducted from a tax payer’s gross income that arises due to various expenses incurred by him/her. In order to lower the overall tax expense liability, tax deductions are removed from taxable income (adjusted gross income).

Deductions usually include allowances for home mortgage payment, home repair expenses, and higher study costs, etc.
Common tax deductions for cleaning industry workers

For claiming deductions individuals must consider only the work related expenses, leaving off their private or domestic costs relating to those expenses and those expenses must take place in order to be allowable. The common tax deductions for cleaning industry workers are as follows:


Deductions Allowable Not Allowable
          Clothing, Uniforms and footwear        X  
     – Laundry and maintenance of clothing, uniforms and footwear       X  
Computers and software       X  
Conferences, seminars and training courses       X  
Depreciation of tools & equipment       X  
Driver’s Licence (Car)                X
First aid courses paid by employee, not reimbursed       X  
Glasses/contact lenses           X  
Insurance of equipment       X  
Meals          X
 – Overtime meal expenses      X  
 Medical examinations for licence renewal      X  
Newspapers           X
Parking fees and toll       X  
Protective equipment       X  
Radios, cassette players, walkmans, etc.            X
Repairs to tools and equipment        X  
Self-education expenses        X  
Stationery        X  
Technical or professional publications        X  
Telephone, mobile phone, pager not supplied by employer        X  
Travel Expenses        
– Accommodation, fares, meals, incidentals not reimbursed        X  
 – Public transport fares or motor vehicle costs           X
   – Home to work       X  
   – Home to shifting place of work       X  
    – Between two places of work       X  
    – Normal work to alternate place of work        X  
Union fees and professional association fees       X  
Vaccinations            X
Wet weather gear       X  


But if these costs have been reimbursed by the employer or has been bared by the employer, then an employee cannot claim for deductions for the costs incurred by him/her. Also, there must be record to prove that the costs have been incurred by the employee cleaner.

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