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Real Estate employees help us in many ways. They are always working day and night to provide us a suitable accommodation. So, if you are working as a real estate employee, then you can claim a deduction from your income. You can claim all or some part of the expenses as a deduction that is incurred for your work purposes. Some of the deductions you can claim are:

Travel Expenses
The cost of work-related travel expenses that you can directly claim includes:

  • Car expenses, including parking fees, and bridge and road tolls;
  • The cost of travelling between normal workplaces, alternative workplace; 
  • Expenses for motorcycles and vehicles if the vehicle has loading capacity of one tonne or more or nine or more passengers; 
  • Public transport such as taxi fares;
  • Hiring car for short-term;
  • Actual expenses like petrol, oil, and repair cost.

Clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses

  •  The cost of compulsory uniforms and corporate wardrobes, including a jumper, shirt or tie with the employer’s logo, pants;
  • Dry cleaning or laundry cost of the uniforms;
  • Protective clothing and footwear, for example, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

Work related home office expenses

  • Equipment costing $300 or less. You can claim only a deduction for the decline in value of home office equipment; 
  • Work related cost of heating, cooling, and lighting that is over the amount you would ordinarily have to pay if not working from home;
  • Repairing cost of furniture and fittings.

Other work related expenses

  • Phone expenses, for example, calling costs of your employer or clients regularly while you were away from your workplace;
  • Computers and laptops purchased costing $300 or less, repairing costs and internet access; 
  • Cost of camera if more than $300, you cannot claim a deduction for the full purchase price;
  • Renewing cost of certificate of registration; 
  • Work related advertising and newspapers expenses, for example, letterbox drops, bunting etc.;
  • The cost of work-related gifts and entertainment such as a Christmas hamper, gift vouchers, flowers and so on.


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