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If you are working in the retail industry, then you have the opportunity to get tax deductions from your assessable income. There are a number of tax deductions available for you. The main thing to know is what expenses you can claim for tax deductions and what you cannot. The following items provide you with a list of expenses that you can claim:

  • Meals: If you incurred any expenses on meals during overtime period and given that you received an allowance from your employer, you can claim the actual cost of the meal up to the allowable limit even without showing any receipts. One thing to remember here is that you will need to show receipts if you claim expenses over the allowable amount.
  • Travel: Traveling expenses which are work related can be claimed for tax deductions. If you have expenses such as parking, tolls etc. while attending a meeting or training related to your work, you can claim the expenses. Moreover, if you need to stay away from home overnight due to work you can also claim the cost for your accommodation and meals.
  • Uniforms and Clothing: If you spend money on buying or for laundry of your work related clothes (must have company logo permanently fixed) of the company you are working for, and then you can claim deductions. This also includes branded and protective items like gloves, boots and safety glasses.
  • Tools and Equipment: If you have to buy or repair tools and equipment (costing $300 or less) which you use for work, then you can claim deductions on them.
  • Training: You can claim costs incurred for any training courses which is related to your work.
  • Other General Expenses:

You can also claim tax for the following expenses:

  • Cost of union fees; 
  • Cost of work related mobile/telephone bills;
  • Cost of work related internet connection fees;
  • Cost of maintaining home office.

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