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Working in a restaurant or in a fast-food chain could be a good source of earning but it may cause you some personal expenses. However, in Australia you can claim some of the deductible expenses on your tax return. Some of them are:

  • Uniforms: The cost of buying compulsory uniforms for restaurants or fast-food shop (like aprons, shirts, pants, jackets etc.). You can also claim a tax deduction for the cost of laundry or dry cleaning of uniforms.
  • Work related travel costs: You can claim an expense of travel which is used for work purposes. For example: Fuel expense of the personal vehicle for product delivery purpose.
  •  Meals:  The cost of buying meals when you work overtime or in a delivery duty.
  • Self-education expenses: If you are paying course fees, books and stationery costs related to your current work then you can claim a tax deduction.
  • Work tools & equipment: It includes the cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work place. Like steels, electronic appliance, bottle openers, laptops and mobile phones etc.
  • Unions & Membership: If you have a cost for union or professional association fees, you can claim a tax deduction on it.
  • Internet connection fees: You can claim a tax deduction for internet connection fees, which could include emailing, research etc. You can also claim the cost of work-related mobile or home telephone calls if it is related to your work.
  • Documentation charge: You can claim a tax deduction for the cost of office documentation.
  • Tax agent fees:  The amount you pay to your accountant to prepare your tax return each year.
  • Bank Fees: The cost of bank fees charged on your work-related or investment accounts.


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