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Tradies, people who do manual labour, in particular, trades. For tradies, you can claim a lot of tax deductions from your work-related expenses, which means if you had spent money for work then you are getting money back from ATO. Discussed below are the common deductions you can get form ATO:

  • If you have to spend money on buying, laundry for your work-related clothes, which should be branded or carrying logo of the company you are working for you can claim deductions. This also includes- branded and protective items like overalls, boots and safety glasses;

  • If you have to buy or repair tools and equipment’s which you use for work, then you can claim deductions on them;

  • If there is a work-related computer and mobile phone expenses that you paid for, then you can claim those for deductions;

  • If you take any training/courses that are directly related to your work then you can claim for deductions;

  • You can claim different types of car expenses like- parking, tools, fuel expenses etc.;
  • Union fees can also be claimed for tax deductions. One thing to keep in mind is that you will get your tradie tax deductions only if:
  • You have proper receipts of the expenses incurred;

  • If the expenses were paid by you only;
  • If these expenses do not fall under any allowances;
  • If you were not paid back by your employer.

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