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If you are a university student and if your degree and qualifications meet certain criteria, then you have the opportunity to claim some tax deductions. If your work and field of study are directly linked with each other, only then you can claim tax deductions. That means you need to work and study on the field that you are working on to get tax deductions. There won’t be any tax deductions if your work and subject does not relate. To claim deductions, you need to fulfil the following criteria set by ATO, that is, you need to show one of these four reasons for claiming deductions.

  • You need to show that you are studying to improve your qualifications for the job that you are already doing;

  • You are studying the related subject to improve your skill and knowledge for your current job;

  • You are working as a trainee; so therefore this education is a part of your training;

  •   To bring improvement in your current job position, you are studying the subject;

If you fulfil the criteria, for example if you are in a fulltime-job and studying in a field directly
related to your job then you can claim tax deductions on the followings-

  • Course/tuition fees (Not including HECS/HELP);

  • Stationery and textbooks;

  • Student service fees;

  • Union fees;

  • Amenity fees;

  • Equipment depreciation and repairs (e.g. laptops, computer, printer, etc.);

  • Car expenses (if applicable).


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