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Tax Deduction for Airline Employees

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Imagine you are traveling by air, who do you think makes your trip pleasant and enjoyable? Airline employees, whose welcoming nature puts a smile on the faces of every traveller. Let us explore some of the deductions that airline employees can claim in their tax return:
Equipment for Work

  • Stationery;
  • Equipment costing less than $300;
  • Insurance and repair of equipment;
  • Interest costs on borrowing used to purchase equipment.


  • Glasses and contact lenses;
  • Moisturisers and hair conditioners;
  • Sunglasses, sunhats and sunscreens

General Expenses

  • Acquisition or subscription of journals, periodicals and magazines which are related to airline employees;
  • Expenses on work related membership, union or license fees, however they cannot claim the joining fees or levies or other amounts paid to assist families of employees suffering from financial difficulties due to employee strike;
  • Telephone or mobile phone expenses for work, however cost of installation of telephone, mobile phone or any other telecommunications equipment are not tax deductable as it is a capital expense;
  • The cost of making up cash or bar shortages, if it is in that airline policy;
  • Premium paid for salary guarantee and loss of licence insurance if a benefit paid under a policy is assessable income;
  • Medical examination costs associated with the renewal of work-related medical insurance;
  • The cost of renewing work-related business licences;
  • Overtime meal expenses if an individual works overtime and the employer paid an overtime meal allowance under an industrial law.


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