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Other work-related expenses

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Income tax is calculated on the basis of a taxpayer’s taxable income. The taxable income is calculated by deducting allowable deductions from the taxpayer's total assessable income for the year in which income tax is levied on the income earned in a specific financial year.

Deductions are a very important component of the annual tax return as the more the deductions, the bigger the tax refund are. Taxpayer is allowed to claim deductions for work-related expenses taxpayer incurred while performing taxpayers job as an employee which must not be private, domestic or capital in nature.  Below are some items which can be included in other work related expenses which taxpayer’s incurred as an employee and have not been already claimed:

  • Union fees, business or professional associations;
  • Overtime meal expenses, (provided that the amount for overtime meals has not been included as part of taxpayer’s normal salary);
  • Professional seminars, courses, conferences and workshops;
  • Reference books, trade magazines and technical journals;
  • Work related tools, computer equipment, stationery, phone, uniforms, union fees, sun glasses for truck drivers etc.;
  • Items that protect taxpayer from the risk of injury or illness posed by taxpayer’s work;
  • Interest on money borrowed to buy a computer for work related purpose and repair costs for the computer;
  • Internet access charges;
  • Work related phone calls expense.

Below are some items that Taxpayer’s cannot claim as other work-related expenses:

  • Cost of entertainment, fines and penalties;
  • Private expenses such as child care expenses and fees paid to social clubs;
  • Any deduction for the decline in value of laptops, portable printers, calculators, mobile phones, computer software, protective clothing, briefcases and tools of trade primarily for use in taxpayer’s employment (if the item was provided to taxpayer by taxpayer’s employer, or some or all of the cost of the item was paid or reimbursed by taxpayer’s employer, and the benefit was exempt from fringe benefits tax).

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