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Occupations Specific Deductions – What am I eligible to claim?

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Whether you are an IT Professional, Performing Artist, Flight Attendant or a backpacker, we are all burdened by the tax liabilities falling due. Well guess what, we have good news for you. What if we told you that your specific occupation or industry could help you reduce your assessable income?


With the tax filing period commencing, here’s a quick look at the extra cash you could be saving. You can thank us later!


  1. Australian Defense Force Member: If you are serving our nation by providing defense related services, you are eligible to claim certain expenses over and above the general deductions available. Your travel from one army base to another, use of personal car for work related purposes, your uniform, protective clothing and shoes, protective sports footwear and physical training fees (if your job requires you to maintain very high fitness levels), mess subscriptions, certain self-education expenses, and even laundry for your uniform forms part of your claimable deduction. The utilisation of the allowances provided to you as per your PAYG is also an allowable deduction, such as the flying allowance, special action forces allowance etc. So, all Defense ranks, don’t forget to fill all these in when you file tax return online.
  2. Construction Employees: As a construction worker, if you use your own car for travelling to different work sites, or transport bulky equipment or are required to travel overnight, you can claim expenses incurred as deduction on your tax return. You can also claim buying/hiring/mending and even cleaning of your uniform, including steel capped boots, fire resistant and sun protecting clothing. The tools and equipment bought for construction work, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhats, goggles, harnesses and breathing masks – can all supplement to your tax deductions.
  3. Business Professionals: We know you take care of the office, so we’ll take care of what you can claim at tax filing time. Business Professionals can claim car expenses when travelling between separate workplaces and can also claim meals, accommodations, fares and other incidentals when travelling overnight due to work. Your home office usage and self-education expenses are also a claimable tax deduction, as are your clothing expenses for work purposes. Employment related cost of conferences and seminars and publications and even professional association fee help reduce your taxable income.
  4. Engineers: Count on us for engineering a list of claimable deductions for you. If you are an engineer, you can claim your expenses incurred for transporting bulky tools and equipment (if no secure storage provided), your travel between workplaces. Your compulsory/protective work uniform and it’s cleaning, the self-education expenses which are in sufficient connection to your work and your home office expenses are all claimable tax deductions. Technical/professional publications and union fee may also help reduce your tax burden. Use our tax filing portal to quickly design your personal online tax return.
  5. Fitness and Sporting employees: Not just fitness or sport trainers, but all sporting and fitness industry employees are eligible for certain tax deductions. The purchase or hire of job specific tools/equipment such as weights, training mats, dumbbells etc., travel and use of own car expenses for travelling between workplaces, self-education expenses and work-related clothing, including corporate wardrobes can help reduce the weight of your tax liability.
  6. Flight Attendants and Airline industry employees: As flight attendants, your compulsory uniform, including stockings, hosiery, socks and shoes are all claimable. As your working conditions are quite different from other jobs, the cost of rehydration – moisturisers & hair conditioners can also be claimed under D5 of your tax return. Other than that, your work-related travel and luggage expenses – overnight bags, trolleys, suit packs etc. will help reduce your tax payable as well.
  7. IT Professionals: While you were busy coding or figuring out systems and software for us, we figured out the expenses that can reduce your tax liability. If you have a compulsory work uniform or a non-compulsory but registered with AusIndustry uniform, you can claim its purchase, repair and cleaning. Self-education expenses, seminars and conference related expenses and even study tours – within or outside Australia, home office expenses, phone and internet expenses, travel and computer/laptop expenses, to the extent work related, all form part of the deductions section of your individual tax return.
  8. Nurses and direct carers: Let us take care of you by informing you with what can reduce your tax burden. As nurses, mid wives or direct carers, you can claim the purchase/ hire, repair and cleaning of your uniform and protective clothing, which may include shoes, socks and stockings. The cost you incurred for pursuing prescribed courses provided by university/school/other such place of education and incidental costs for the same, such as textbooks, stationery etc.
  9. Performing Artists: If you are a professional artist, you are allowed to claim your expenses incurred for coaching classes for singing/dancing or acting, provided they are in direct connection of your job and made to enhance skills for current job. You can also claim the running expense of a home office or a private study, to the extent it’s been specifically used for income producing purposes.  Other than the usual deductions, commission paid of theatrical agents, fitness expenditure (if your job requires high level of fitness, such as trapeze artist), lenses, hair grooming, cost of keeping a photographic portfolio, research expenses for role, audio/video records and even theatre and film tickets, as long as they are incurred in direct connection to the income producing activities.
  10. Police Officers: Police Officers can claim their uniform and its cleaning, unreimbursed informant fees, training courses, academy course fee, tape recorders, pistol club membership fee, scuba watches, gun cleaning expenditure and work related mobile/telephone expenses. But, guard dogs or silent phones are non-deductible in nature. 
  11. Real estate industry employees: If you are working in real estate, you are eligible to claim your license renewal fee, business card and other such stationery, advertising expenses, hammers, referral expenses, as well as maps/street directories and GPS.
  12. Sportspersons: Based on the sports that you pursue as a profession, you can claim certain expenses as deductions. If you are a footballer, you can claim your work-related travel, equipment including knee/shoulder guards, training shoes and gym bags. If you are a professional golfer, you can claim your golf bags, balls, tees, accommodation and travel while touring, golf cart expenses, insurance of gold equipment, caddy fee, golf shoes and green fees alongside other general deductions. So, you score an eagle while on ground and while filing your online tax return.
  13. Teachers: It pays to learn what you can claim on your tax return if you are a teacher. As a teacher, you can facilitate your reductions in taxable income by accounting for reference books/professional library, computers, teacher aids, annual teacher registration, stop watch (PE Teacher), travel to sporting events and even self-education and home study expenses. So, you can add it to your notes before filing online tax return.
  14. Lawyers: While you safeguard the law system, we shall safeguard your tax money. Lawyers can claim their professional library registration renewal, indemnity insurance, professional journals, wigs (including the stand and cleaning), briefcases, silk & robes and income protection insurance as deduction under their tax return.
  15. Hospitality Industry Employees: Individuals working in the hospitality industry can claim various work-related expenses as direct deductions, such as, Chef’s pants and hats, knives and knife sharpening tools, other kitchen equipment like whisks, cookbooks, magazines etc.
  16. Truck Drivers: As truck drivers spend most f their professional life staying away from home, there are various expenses including overnight travel and accommodation that truck drivers’ can claim. The list of deductible expenses includes, CB Radios, Fridges, sleeping bags, tools to repair truck, detergent and polish of trucks, log books, maps/GPS, meals and accommodations for overnight travel, working dogs, and sunglasses. 

The above lists are not limited to the mentioned deductions. There is also certain criterion for claiming such deductions and the expenses have to be in direct connect to the work/income producing activities. You can contact us for further information. Happy online tax filing!

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