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Are you looking to extend your visa in Australia? If you are a Working Holiday visa holder & you have completed 88 days paid seasonal work, then you are eligible for a 2nd year extension.

Government websites are providing all the necessary information that you need to apply. Here are the 5 specified jobs that you can easily do to get a your 2nd year working holiday visa:

  •  Plant & Animal cultivation: Plant cultivation is the most popular job for backpackers in Australia. It includes harvesting, picking and packing fruit or vegetables. Besides that, maintaining animals for sale & immediate processing of animal products is another type of job that anyone can do easily.
  • Fishing & Pearling: Australia is legendary for its fishing & pearling. The country has thousands of kilometres of fish-rich coastline. Fishing & pearling includes all the operations that are directly related to taking or catching fish and other aquatic species.
  • Tree Farming & Felling: Tree farming & felling includes planting or tending trees. It also includes transporting trees that have been felled.
  •  Mining: Obtaining mining jobs in Australia generally depends on your experience and qualifications. But many backpackers are also procuring mining jobs without experience just because of their self-confidence. These jobs can include coal mining, oil and gas drilling, construction material engineering, exploration, metal ore mining, etc. 
  • Construction: For the construction jobs, experienced people will always get high privilege in Australia, although the non-experienced travellers also have some opportunity to get a job related to construction. This includes building completion service, installation services, structure services etc.

Apart from that in Australia there are many other industries you can work in to complete your specified work requirement. While working in any industry, make sure you collect evidence to prove you've completed the requirement, such as bank statements, pay slips or employer references etc. You should also remember that your work must be completed within regional Australia.

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