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“Are you looking for a farming job but don’t know where to start?” No matter which part of Australia you are in or what season it is, you will always find farming and harvesting jobs. So first you must identify which crop is grown where and when the season starts. Here are the 7 best places for backpackers to do farm work in Australia:

  • Atherton Tablelands, QLD: Atherton Tablelands is considered as the fertile plateau in Queensland, Australia. It is located west to south-south-west inland from Cairns. The main crop of this part is avocados as well as mangoes, citrus, bananas and sugarcane. The prettiest season of this part is the sizzling summer months between December and March.
  • Griffith, NSW: Griffith is the major regional city in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. It is famous for its grape production as well as its citrus and stone-fruit season. Now the grape production starts around mid-February and lasts for six to eight weeks, whereas the citrus season stretches from November until March.
  • Stanthorpe, QLD: Stanthorpe is a town situated in south east Queensland, Australia. Stanthorpe is mostly famous for its apple production and its harvesting proceeds from February to June. Among 30 other varieties grown in this region, apple business always keeps its 1st position.
  • Bowen, QLD: Bowen is situated just above the Whitsunday Region. Though it is considered as sleepy town, but from May the town is flooded with throngs of backpackers. The land is blessing for a huge diversity of crops from mango and zucchini to tomato, corn and capsicum.
  • Tamar Valley, TAS: Tamar Valley is known as the land of the cherries and the berries. It is a valley in Tasmania, Australia. December and February is the main season for small soft fruits.
  • Mildura, VIC: Mildura located on the Victorian side of the Murray River. Here tons of citrus, grapes and vegetable are harvested around the year. The main advantage in this part of Australia is that, accommodation and transport to work is frequently provided by backpacker hostels.
  • Margaret River, WA: Margaret River is a small town in the south of Perth in Western Australia commonly known as the grape picking destination. For grape cultivation, the two main seasons are June to September which is the pruning period and February to April which is the grape picking time.

Being able to work in Australia is a massive advantage for any backpacker as it is an expensive country to travel in. Due to its climate, fruit picking and harvest jobs are highly available around the year.

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