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Traveling to Australia on a working holiday visa? Have you thought about what to pack for your journey? If no, then here are a few tips on what you can carry with you and make your travel to Australia a good one: 

  • First off get a backpack that will be good to fit all your necessities, with proper straps so the backpack is close to your body, without being too uncomfortable;
  • Make sure to roll your cloths instead of folding them giving you space to put more items and decrease wrinkles, and use your undergarments and socks as fillers for small spaces;
  • Pack your essentials in backpack cubes, which will help you to remain organised as well as save you some space;
  • No shoes… take your sandals with you. This will provide you with comfort and lighten up your backpack. a cheap sandal and a pair of trail runners are your best options;
  • If you like reading books then remember to pack them but no more than you need, keep few space for things which are of absolute importance, for the rest can be purchased;
  • Don’t forget that, you might buy some souvenirs while you are traveling so ensure that you have kept space for them as well;
  • Wear your bulky items instead of packing them and wash your cloths in your hotel rooms by carrying small bottles of detergents to save your money;
  • As you will be carrying electronic items like camera, adaptor, charger, etc. then fold them with the cloths you will pack for your journey;
  • Most importantly remember to take only the clothing and toiletries that are of absolute necessity and easy to carry.

Out-and-out focus is needed on how you will pack your backpack. Use the bottom up process for your packing. Again, don’t pack everything pack light and travel easy.

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