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Who knows everything about backpacking – not me! Backpacking is really a once in a lifetime experience. It is more like a rollercoaster ride having all the ups, the downs, the hard times and the joyous times. From all these rides, we come face to face with many challenges and receive lessons from them. Here are 6 things which makes being a backpacker in Australia a challenging work:

  • Keeping minimum amount of material things: You must have done it at one point… overpacking for your first adventure! And after packing you realise that none of them are appropriate or fit anymore. With different seasons, you might think of packing clothes appropriate for each season.
  • Prepared a budget, but still are left with being broke as hell: This is because it is expensive to live in Australia. You may use most of the salary for rent, food and other stuffs. However, when the weekend comes you may blow off the remaining funds with your friends at a night club or cocktail parties.
  • Having to deal with dorms: With a limited budget as a backpacker you don’t have the luxury of staying in hotels or motels. The only way to stay in Australia then is to live in hostels. These are excellent venues to meet other travellers and very often, they’re good places – but at the end of the day (literally), you go to sleep in a three, four, eight, or twenty bed dorm room. And the snores, along with the quaking beds are unbearable!
  • Searching for the perfect job: For a backpacker finding the perfect job is a nerve-wracking experience. It sometimes hampers your perfect travelling plan, as the job location can vary according to the requirements of the employer.
  • Requiring a Tax File Number: Whether you are living in Australia or have come here on a working holiday visa, you need to have a Tax file number (TFN). The problem is that, you can register for this number only when you are in Australia. Have it and you won’t be worrying about being properly taxed. The most annoying thing about applying for a TFN is that, even if you apply online, you still need to provide an address to have the document sent to; if you’re getting yours sent to your hostel, try letting the manager or front desk know that you’re expecting something important so it doesn’t get mislaid.
  • Sad part is to stay away from family & friends: While on this trip you will find it difficult to stay away from your family and long-term friends, who make your life easier. Yes, it is wonderful to meet new people, but at a certain time they say goodbye. Though there are effective ways for communicating, yet the reality is that, you’re busy, they’re busy, and a long backpacking trip results in you loosing contact with old friends.

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