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Have you realised how difficult it has become to find a job here in Australia? Every year thousands of backpackers are coming to Australia with the intention of working here and making it tougher

and tougher. But worry not! We will give you some insights on the common mistakes that you do while looking for a job. We have come up with the following few mistakes:

  • Bad resume: Every manager unquestionably dislikes a bad resume. FYI badly presented, out of date or irrelevant details on a CV are not going to land you a job! They should be altered matching the type of job you are applying for, with relevant details and experience highlighted to stand out. Don’t forget to keep your resume 1-2 pages and one more thing don’t forget to keep online profiles and offline resume similar. To an employer this shows that you are untrustworthy when the work history, duties and employers listed on social media is conflicting with that on your formal resume.
  • Poor written communication: DO NOT use acronyms when you are communicating with the recruiter, be it on social media, on the resume or in email. This represents you as an unprofessional person, it is also possible that the recruiter will not be able to understand you. Making grammatical mistakes might also prevent you from getting the job. 

  • Lack of proper work clothing: Many backpackers make the mistake of going for a job hunt without proper work clothing. Handing out resumes to prospective employers in your holiday clothing… is a no-no! You might just be looking to work a few casual hours a week to support your holiday, but turning up in your board shorts with salty hair is not going to make the right impression. Work is work after all, so it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.

  • Being unprepared: When you’re looking for working holiday jobs in Australia, the first thing you need to do is get yourself organised. Set up a bank account, get a tax file number (TFN) and a phone number. These things are easy to do and necessary for you to get a job. There is no point looking for work if an employer isn’t going to be able to pay money into a local account for you or let the taxman know you’re working for him/her. Trying to find working holiday jobs without these basic things set up is a waste of time and a real sign to any employer that you’re not up to the mark!

  • No personal super account: Having your own bank account and TFN set up, along with your own super account set up is a clever idea. This is not a legal requirement, but in our view, is a common mistake among those trying to find working holiday jobs. Not having a personal super account may save you a bit of time and money initially, but it will be a real nightmare when, at the end of your time in Australia, you have to spend hours searching in different employer accounts for the thousands of dollars you’re potentially owed. Take the hit and set up a super account along with your bank account at the start.

  • Choosing the inappropriate time: While you are applying for a job look at the last date for application carefully! Make sure that, the job is still available for you to apply. Don’t apply for outdated jobs, for recruiters won’t be calling you. Also, one must be careful of the time in which you set out trying to find a working holiday job in Australia. From high tourist times, to key fruit picking months, a lot of the work you might be doing in this country is seasonal and you need to make sure you’re there, applying for work, at the right time. You really need to spend a considerable amount of your time in researching for the best working holiday job for yourself.

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