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General role of a tax agent for individual taxpayers

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Tax agents can take all of your tax burden upon their shoulder. A registered tax agent can help you to prepare and lodge tax return for you. Select your tax agent wisely for accuracy in your returns, most of the registered tax agents have special lodgement schedules and can lodge returns for you later than the usual deadline. Registered tax agents are only people allowed by ATO (Australian tax office) to manage your tax affairs by charging a reasonable fee which you can claim as deduction.

Tax agents play a pivotal role in completing tax returns precisely and efficiently and help you to maximise tax refund by claiming every tax deduction that you are entitled to claim. A tax agent is necessary for a successful lodgement as the tax agent can play a significant role in ensuring compliance. Some of the most powerful antecedents of “correct lodgement” (i.e. On time, fully completed) are based on advice from the tax agent, which will be accustomed to shape compliance behaviour. Such behavioural “shaping” may include requests for more specific fiscal details (e.g. Receipts, dockets, bills, proof of payment or purchases). This shaping process may also involve more specific advice to exclude (e.g. Advice not to submit claims that are ineligible or inappropriate) or include (e.g. Advice to submit a claim that will qualify as a deduction) specific elements of the tax submission.

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