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Are you eager to visit the most remote, fascinating and popular place?  Then Australia is your best travel destination as Australian shores are famous for its beautiful scenery, distinctive culture and beautiful weather. Day by day backpacking has become a big industry in Australia, with a wide array of low-priced accommodation and transportation. The top 3 transport systems for backpackers are – 

  • Hiring a car:  If your travel distance is short and you don’t have enough time to find a bus then hiring a car is the best solution for you. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere in your own time. Looking for a cheaper option to travel nearby? Then we would recommend Apollo, Backpackers, Maui, Wicked Campers, Kea, Britz, Standby cars as they are some of the most popular Australian hire companies.
  • Bus: If you are looking for the cheapest public transport option, then we would say bus is the most convenient transport! By using public bus, you can easily explore the most popular Australian destinations. Greyhound is the main bus company that goes to all the main cities. You can pay by buying a ticker or you can buy a kilometre pass.
  • Plane: If you want to travel a long distance in a short-time then Australian domestic flights are the paramount solution for you. You will find domestic airports in all the major cities and in many of the smaller towns too. Even the prices are quite reasonable since more competitive flights are available. Qantas, Virgin Blue, JetStar and Flight Centre are some of the most popular Australian domestic aircrafts.

Backpacker transports are both available and affordable in Australia, some provide you better value and some give you freedom. Moreover, the decision is yours to choose the best way depending on your budget and time.

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