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Are you planning for an incredible holiday in Australia? However, your budget is quite thin and you are worried you might miss out on one or two things you want in this holiday. What to do now? Good thing is you can increase your holiday funds by working while enjoying your holiday. Nonetheless, finding a job is not easy. Thus, we are here to help you out, to inform you about the places in Australia where you can get a job easily.

Bondi Beach, Sydney
In Australia, there is no place like Sydney. It’s big and loud. Somebody just moving to Australia might be overwhelmed by Sydney, the outskirt town of Bondi Beach can be the perfect place for the working holiday backpacker. Sydney is Australia’s centre for business thus you may find more office jobs here than you would in other places of Australia. People prefer these jobs more because these are generally the ones that will offer sponsorship opportunities to people looking to stay beyond their initial year. Fundraising offices, particularly for charities, are probably your best bet, though you should do your research on the company if you truly plan on sticking around. If you’re just looking for a fun holiday, Bondi’s the place to go. It’s full of restaurants and bars where you can pick up a job for a few weeks or months.

St. Kilda, Melbourne
Oh, St. Kilda, there is no part of Australia which better summarises the concept of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard,’ than the beach located on the south of the Melbourne Central Business District. The place is densely populated with foreign travellers, which makes it even better to ease yourself into the country and culture. As there are so many tourists going in and out, there are lots of short-term jobs available. Acland Street, the unofficial centre of the neighbourhood has many shops and restaurants and mostly staffed entirely by people on working holiday visas. The hostels in the area also promote tours like the Great Ocean Road or the Mornington Peninsula, so you can find work by helping others on their journey.

Cairns, Queensland
In Australia, you can stop along the coast all you want, but if you are planning to spend your holiday in Australia during winter, you’re going to have to make it all the way to tropical North Queensland, Cairns to be specific. In Cairns, you’ll find many bars, restaurants, hostels, retail, tour offices, all looking for temporary staff. However, if you’re looking for your regional work, there is a good chance of getting the experience of some sugar cane farming while being close enough to feel like you’re in the city.

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