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Amaze your future employer with a sorted-out RESUME! No employer is willing to see a messed-up resume. As the job market in Australia is very competitive, you can find a job more easily by remembering the basic needs that employers are looking for. If you haven’t got a friend that can hook you up with some work you will most probably need to hand in a resume when you are applying for jobs in Australia. The goal of writing a great resume is to demonstrate a wide range of your skills and experience that can be applied to any job in Australia. Remember these managers see lots of resumes – so make sure that yours stands out! If you haven't had a lot of work experience, you may need to think of more innovative ways to communicate your skills.
There is no set format for writing a resume, however it may help to consider the following areas listed below:

  • Make your resume simple and concise, just write what is relevant to the job. The ideal resume is one page, two pages at the most. Make sure your grammar and spelling is correct – it shows your attention to details!

  • Don’t forget to put your contact information – make sure it’s clearly displayed;

  • Previous job experience is very important.  It is helpful if your job experience is relevant to the position you are applying for. Be innovative and make it clear that whatever the employer wants, you’re able to fulfil their needs.  Make sure you put your most recent employment first as it is most important – include company name and location, your role, start and end date, brief description of responsibilities and highlight any achievements especially if they may be of benefit to your prospective employer.

  • Your education in home country is an important part of your resume, but in Australia experience, skills and the right attitude are what most employers are looking for. Keep your education section short. Don’t forget to include any courses you have completed in Australia such as RSA, White Card etc.

  • Highlight specific skills you have used at work and customise your resume as relevant for the positions you are applying for. It is an opportunity to highlight key skills you have that may not be stated in your work experience. Skills that are particularly popular with employers in Australia include: communication, sales, customer service, teamwork, languages, driving, computer skills, etc.

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