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Ever applied for a job during your working holiday, but was not able to get it though you were the ideal person for it? What could have gone wrong or was it your interview that caused the loss of the job? Not to worry, we are going to provide you with 3 tips to ace your next dream job interview.

  • Make sure you are looking smart during your interview - Don’t want to have a bad first impression on your future employer, right? It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be all formal. Your dressing can be casual, but they need to be clean and tidy. This shows the employer that you have made an effort and are serious about the job. First impressions always matter, so why not show yourself to your best advantage!
  • Research the company you are applying in -  If you land yourself in an interview make sure you have proper knowledge regarding the company, know their location, Google them, check out their website, and gather any interesting information about their business. Knowing just the basics will help, but other information input will show that you are enthusiast and prepared for the role.
  • Review the Job Description properly and BE PREPARED - Try to have mock question answer session with your friend and concoct prompt answers for the panel. Also show them that you’re thinking about how the job relates to you and how committed you are by asking them questions. Likewise, be ready to answer unpredictable questions. Interviewers aren’t so interested in the answer, but rather the way you deal with the unexpected. And don’t forget to have an updated copy of your resume, for that will give a proper overview of you to the panel of interviewers.

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