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Want to know when and how much you might need to pay to claim you tax refund? Then pay close attention…
With the change in your tax rates and you being considered a non-resident only, people like you will have a different tax return calculation system than others. There are various expenses that you can claim as a tax deduction so long as the expenses were a necessary expense for your employment. The most common expenses for you in Australia are safety equipment (such as steel toed work boots and sunscreen), maintaining industry specific certifications (such as Responsible Service of Alcohol certification) and laundering (such as keeping compulsory uniforms in a clean and presentable state). So be careful with your expenses. Now let’s come to the main point…
When can Backpackers claim refund: The Australian fiscal year runs from July 1 until June 30 each year. So, if you are working in Australia until the end of the fiscal year then you can submit a tax return any time after June 30. However, if you leave Australia for good before the end of the fiscal year then you can submit your tax return when you leave. Backpackers who submit their tax return during a fiscal year as opposed to the end of a fiscal year can expect some delays in receiving any tax refund they may be entitled to.
Expected Tax Return amount: There are many factors in working out how much you will receive as your tax refund. It depends on how much you have earned as well as what tax deductions you are entitled to. Sadly, there is no definite answer for how much you can expect to receive as your tax refund. Specialised tax agents can help you to evaluate your actual refund.

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