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If you are working as a sales representative, then you have an opportunity to claim deductions from your taxable income. You can claim all or some part of the expenses as a deduction that is incurred for your work purposes. You can lodge a tax return online based on your deductible expenses on your taxable income that are listed below:

Travel and Meal Expenses

  • Travel expenses is only applicable if you own the car and pay for its running costs like visit customers or prospective customers, supplies for the business, attending meeting or training courses;
  •  Cost of public transportation and taxis, short-term hiring car, parking and toll charges if the cost is related to income generating activities;
  • Buying a meal and related expenses when you worked overtime or required to stayaway overnight.

Work Clothing, Tools & Equipment

  • Cost of equipment you use at work, including electronic organisers, tools, computers, laptop, and mobile phones;
  • Cost of any work clothes that you buy for use at work like uniforms, sunglasses, sun protection shirts, jackets, gloves, masks and other protective equipment;
  • Cost of materials or supplies that you purchase for work use, such as a diary, stationery, briefcase or work bag.

Training and Self-Education

  •  Cost of work-related short training courses, for example, first aid training course, sales techniques, computer skills, customer services and merchandising which are not run by a university or TAFE;
  •  Cost of self-education courses, for example, books, magazines or stationery.

Other Work-Related Expenses

  • Union fees costs; 
  • Internet connection fees which includes research for training course and emailing;
  • Cost of work-related home telephone or mobile or rental;
  • Costs paid to an accountant to prepare tax return every year.

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