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Deduction for Travel Agent Employees

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Travel Agents help people to plan their holidays. They help us to transform our dream into reality and enjoy our time with our loved ones. The Australian Taxation Office offers some specific deductions to travel agents for expenses related to work purposes. Some of them are:

Travel Expenses:

Travel expenses incurred for work purposes are deductible. However, travel while on leave is referred as educational or familiarisation travel and are not deductible.

Seminars, Conferences and Training Courses:

Expenses for attending seminars, conferences and training courses are also allowable for deductions.

Industry promotions:

Expenses that occur to attend industry promotion functions are usually allowable for tax deduction unless entertainment is provided for the function.

Clothing Expenses:

A deduction can be claimed for buying, renting, repairing and cleaning certain work-related uniforms but nor for conventional clothing or shoes.

Union and Professional Association Fees:

Professional association and union membership fees are deductible except entitlement fund contribution and similar charges.

However, the following expenses are not allowable even though they can be related to work:

  • Educational, Familiarisation and Other Similar Travel;
  • Passport Application and Renewal Fees;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Work-Related Daily Travel Expenses;
  • Entertainment Expenses.

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