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Deduction for Education Professionals

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Education is the backbone of a society. Education professionals help the society by educating the people. Thus, Australian Tax Office recognises their contribution to the society and offers them tax deduction on various expenditures.

Individuals in the education industry are entitled to claim deductions for expenses, which are directly related to their work. To claim a work-related deduction the expenditure must be for work purposes and they must have a record to prove it. Employees in this industry can claim a deduction for certain expenses such as:

Travel Expenses Related to Work:

  • Bulky tools and equipment transportation;
  • Travelling between a workplace to other;
  • Shifting of employment place.

Overnight Travel Expenses:

  • Living expenses like accommodation and meals;
  • Transportation like bus train and taxi fares;
  • Toll fees for traveling;
  • Car hiring and parking fees;
  • Visa application fees.

Self-education Expenses Related to Work:

  • Tuition fees;
  • Course materials;
  • Stationery;
  • Student union fees;
  • Internet charge;
  • Travel expenses related to the place of education;
  • Books, journals and professional library;
  • Decline in value of study materials.

Home office expenses:

  • Decline in value of home office equipment;
  • Phone calls related to work;
  • Lighting, cooling and heating;
  • Cleaning Expenses;
  • The costs of repairs of home office furniture and fittings.

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