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Hospitality industry employees are eligible for a number of deductions which can reduce their taxable income. They can claim all or some part of the expenses as a deduction that is incurred for their work-related purposes. Some of these are listed below:

Work Tools and Equipment

  • The cost of equipment you use at work, including answering machines, mobile phone, papers, telecommunications equipment, electronic organisers, calculators, computers, and a professional library;
  •  Insurance and maintenance of equipment.

Travel and Meal Expenses

  • The cost of travel expenses is only applicable if you own the vehicle and pay for its running costs;
  •  The cost of travel for collecting materials and supplies between two or more work place, for example, to attend a meeting;
  •  The cost of public transportation and taxis, short-term hiring car, parking and toll charges if the cost is related to income generating activities;

  • The cost of buying a meal when you worked overtime.

    Training and Self-Education

  • The costs of work-related short training courses, for example, first aid training course, staff supervision or cooking courses which are not run by a university or TAFE;

  • The costs related to self-education courses, for example, books, magazines or stationery.

    Other Work-Related Expenses
  • The cost of mandatory uniforms such as a chef’s shirt, pants, jumpers, jackets, hats, gloves, hair nets, aprons and you can also claim the cost of laundry or dry cleaning of your uniforms;
  • Work related hiring equipment, but you cannot claim a deduction after using it for private purposes;
  • The cost of union and professional association fees; 
  • The cost of work-related internet connection fees, for example, research for training course;
  • The cost of maintaining home office equipment;
  • The cost of tax agent fees.

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