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If you think you made a mistake in your activity statement that has been already lodged, you may correct it by completing a revised activity statement rather than correcting it on a later statement. This revised activity statement is treated as an application to amend an assessment that means you can apply to ATO requesting an amendment of an earlier activity statement for GST, WET, LCT and fuel tax credits.
You can complete a revised activity statement through:

  • Tax Agent Portal; 
  • BAS Agent Portal; 
  • Practitioner lodgement service (PLS); 
  • Electronic lodgement service (ELS);
  • Electronic commerce interface (ECI). Documents that support your application are:
  • Your Australian business number (ABN);
  • Your full name;
  • Your postal address;
  • If the document is lodged by your tax agent, your agent’s full name and their registered tax agent number;
  • Your daytime phone number (if convenient); 
  • The tax period to be amended; 
  • The details of what is being amended and what the amendment relates to;
  • The reason for the change or an explanation of how you made the mistake; 
  • The amount of the amendment to be added or subtracted.

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