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As an IT Professional in Australia, you may able to claim some of the expenses during the completion of your tax return, which are directly related to your earning source. These deductions are the amounts that help you to calculate your taxable income as well as reduce your amount payable. Here are some of the deductions you can claim as an Information Technology professional: 

  • Car Expenses: Car expense is only deductible in limited circumstances. Your home to work travel is not deductible, even if there is no public transport available or if you travel more than once between your home & workplace;
  • Travel Expenses: You may be able to claim transport expenses if you are attending conferences, seminars and other work-related events. You may also claim meal and accommodation allowance if you have to stay overnight for your job;
  •  Repairs to computer equipment: As an IT professional, you can claim deductions for purchasing or repairing computer equipment;
  • Union and professional association fees: You can claim a deduction for the membership fees of union and other professional associations;
  • Self-education expenses: To get a deduction for self-education expenses, it has to be directly related to your current work activities;
  • Other work-related expenses: As an IT professional, you can also claim deduction for other work - related expenses like- computer and laptop expenses, internet & mobile bill, anti-virus etc., if those are used for work purposes.


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