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If you want to boost your retirement savings, a great way is to make additional contributions to super. But there are some limits to how much extra you can put in. If you contribute above these limits, you may have to pay extra tax. So, it’s worth to choose the right amount of concessional super contributions.
Concessional contribution is also known as before-tax contributions which generally includes the following:

  •  Employer compulsory contribution such as super guarantee and salary sacrifice contributions; 
  • Administration fees and insurance premiums paid by employer; 
  • Personal contribution for fund reserve; 
  • Notional taxed contributions if you are a member of a defined benefit fund.

If you have more than one concessional contributions, then all of your contributions will be added together and counted towards the concessional contributions cap. So, it’s better to know the limit of concessional super contributions in order to avoid paying extra tax. Concessional contributions are subject to a yearly cap. Following table shows the concessional contribution caps:  


Income Year Age less than 50 Age 50 years and above
      2017-18   $25,000
       2016-17 $30,000 $35,000
       2015-16  $30,000 $35,000
       2014-15 $30,000 $35,000

The amount of your excess concessional super contributions will be included in your assessable income and you may have to pay your marginal tax rate on the excess amount.

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