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Mining in Australia is a significant primary industry and contributor to the Australian economy. Historically, mining booms have also encouraged immigration to Australia. Many different ores and minerals are mined throughout the country. The Australian tax office recognises the hard work of mining site employees and offers them a range of deductions. So, if you are working as a mining site employee, then you can claim deductions from your taxable income. You can claim all or some part of expenses as a tax deduction that are incurred for your work purposes, listed below:

Travel Expenses and Meals

  • The cost of travel expenses is only applicable if the vehicle has loading capacity one tonne or more; 
  • The cost of public transportation and taxis, parking and tolls charges to meet with an interviewee, attend seminars or training courses and expenses of meals associated with staying away overnight;
  • Working overtime.

Work Tools & Equipment

  •  The cost of equipment you use at work, including electronic organisers, tools, computers, and mobile phones;
  • Equipment costing $300 or less. You can claim only a deduction for the decline in value if the expenses are more than $300; 
  • The cost of any work clothes that you buy for use at work like uniforms, sunglasses, sun protection shirts of jackets, gloves, masks and other protective equipment.

Training and Self-Education

  • The cost of work-related short training courses, for example, a course on heavy equipment driving; 
  • The cost of work-related self-education courses for example Certificate III or IV in Metalliferous Mining Operations. You can also claim a deduction if your course required the cost of books, stationery, equipment and travel.

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