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If you are working as a call centre representative, considered as sales representative of services, you may be entitled to claim a tax deduction for certain work related expenses by lodging tax return. If you lodge your tax return online, then you’ll get several options to claim your work related expenses. But to save your time while filling your tax return online, you need to know, which expenses are claimable and which are not. Some of the tax deductions you may be able to claim on your personal tax return are:

Meals and Travel

  •  You can claim the cost of buying meal if you work overnight, provided you have been paid an allowance by your employer;
  •  Cost of meals and incidental expenses if you have to work overnight in call centre;
  • The cost of parking, tolls, taxis and public transport if you are required to travel to attend seminars, meetings and training courses;
  • Cost of using own car for work related purposes.

Work Clothing & Equipment
You can claim deductions, if you need to wear compulsory uniforms in the office. You can also claim the costs of buying and repairing equipment like laptop, headphone, mobile phone etc.  

Other General Expenses

  • Donation amount for registering charity; 
  • Bank fee charged on investment accounts;
  • Sickness and accident insurance premiums.


You cannot claim a deduction for expenses you incur if those expenses are reimbursed to you by your employer. Your employer is required to report the total grossed-up amount of certain fringe benefits exceeding $2,000 (a grossed-up taxable value of $3,738) provided to you or your relatives on your payment summary.

You do not include this amount in your total income or loss amount and you do not pay income tax or Medicare levy on it. However, the total will be used in determining whether certain surcharges apply to you, whether you can claim certain deductions, and to establish whether you are eligible for certain tax offsets and other government benefits.

Lodging tax return in Australia could be difficult for you without understanding the proper procedure. You might have a question that how much you can claim and how much your employer will reimburse. In such situations, tax professionals like Tax Shark ( play a handy role to solve your query. We are Australia's leading accountants and tax agents, offering expert advice for income tax returns, refunds and more. In order to learn more about lodging tax return for call centre jobs and how much deduction you can claim, take a bite out of taxes, and get tax lodging done faster and easier than ever, with Tax Shark with 100

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