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If you are working for the Australian defence force, then you have quite a lot of deductions available while you are lodging your tax return. While you are estimating your tax return consider the followings items as deductable:

  •  Travel expenses

If you have to travel for attending meetings or training purposes that are not held at your normal base, then you can claim the expenses of your travel. You can also claim the cost of parking, tolls and public transport which are related to your work;

  • Clothing expenses

You can claim deductions for expenses occurred in buying/laundry of uniforms such as shirts with rank or other embellishments, standard matching trousers, regulation jackets, official mess uniform, hats or caps with rank or other embellishments etc. Moreover, you can also claim deductions for protective clothing items such as wet weather gear, safety coloured vests, gloves, goggles, masks, steel-capped boots, gum boots or sun protection clothing. The only thing to keep in mind is that the clothing has to be work related when it comes to claiming deductions;

  • Work tools & equipment

The cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work, including tools, electronic organisers, laptop computers and mobile phones is deductable. Also expenses occurred for special items with special characteristics (for example stopwatch for diving) are also deductable. Weaponry related equipment such as rifles, ammunition and cleaning equipment if you paid for these items in addition to the amounts provided by the ADF. You can also claim insurance expenses for the tools and equipment;

  •  Other work expenses

Here is a list of other expenses you can claim-

  •  The cost of work related mobile or home telephone expenses; 
  • Compulsory mess subscriptions: only portion attributed to work related activities;
  • Technical or professional publications related expenses;
  • Computer and software related expenses;
  • Extra Regimental Duties (ERD).

Personal Tax Specialists like Tax Shark ( can offer you an introductory rate for your first tax return which includes income from defence forces.  When you join the defence force there is lots to learn about what deductions you can and can’t claim. All of this information can be gathered from Tax Shark. Tax shark specialises in preparing tax returns for Defence personnel and because we work with clients throughout Australia, it doesn’t matter how many times you have to move, you won’t ever need to find a new accountant.

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