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A sales representative or a sales manager is a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise. This two are the most active and diversely skilled professionals in the business world. From 2013, Australian Tax office is reviewing tax lodged by sales representatives and managers. Check the list below to make sure what returns you are allowed to claim:

  • Compulsory Uniforms: The cost of buying compulsory uniforms (like- shirts, pants, jackets, jumpers etc.);
  •  Laundry: The cost of laundry or dry cleaning of sales uniforms;
  •  Vehicle Use: A common aspect of the sales representative profession is the use of a vehicle to visit clients. You can claim deductions for vehicle Cost. (For example, you have a motor bike and you are travelling on it for product demonstrations purposes);
  • Meals:  The cost of buying meals when you work overtime for customer support or market visit purpose;
  • Self-Education Expenses: If you are paying course fees, books, stationery cost related to your current work then you can claim a tax deduction;
  • Training Cost: The cost of work related short training (like- Bookkeeping, sales techniques, customer service, language course etc.);
  • Work Tools & Equipment: It includes the cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work place. (Like- laptops, mobile phones etc.);
  • Internet & Mobile costs: You can claim a tax deduction for internet connection fees and on your mobile bill that you use for work from your home;
  • Bank Fees: The cost of bank fees charged on your work-related or investment accounts;
  • Tax agent fees: The amount you pay to your accountant to prepare your tax return each year;
  •  Unions & Membership fees: If you have a cost for union or professional association fees, you can claim a tax deduction on it.
  •  Donations: You can claim a tax deduction on donations that you make for your work purposes.
  • Documentation charge: You can claim a tax deduction for the cost of office documentation.

N.B: To get your tax deduction you must have to keep all receipts for work related purchases, even if expenses are not listed above.

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