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Every year ATO publish their annual Australian tax lodgement publication named “Taxation Statistics” which provides a comprehensive statistical summary of information taxpayers report to ATO. The main source of information is Australian tax returns.

Taxation statistics contains information on:

  • Individuals, companies, superannuation funds, partnerships and trusts;
  • The goods and services tax (GST), fringe benefits tax, excise and fuel schemes;
  • The superannuation system;
  • Payments and transfers through the Australian tax system.

The publication provides trends over time although it does not present social or economic analysis of these trends. In the time series, information for previous years is updated in each subsequent edition to take account of any additional lodgements.

Taxation statistics also provides data on the time-based cost of compliance and industry benchmarks in the form of financial and activity statement ratios.

In March 2016, ATO published statistics for 2013-14 financial years. Some common statistics of individual tax lodgement of 2013-14 are as below:

  • Tax return lodged by individuals only 3.5% return lodged by individuals, online tax return lodged 22.3t.2% tax return lodged by tax agent.
  • Income net tax by individuals for the year is $166.2 billion which increased by 7.30% from prior year.
  • Suburb wise tax return statistics are as follow - NSW tax return 31.4%, Victoria tax return 24.9%, QLD tax return 19.9%, Western Australia tax return 11.3%, South Australia tax return 7.1%, TAS tax return 2.1%, ACT tax return 1.9%, 1.0 % in NT and 0.6% in unknown territory.
  • Estimated tax on net capital gains by individuals is $4.71 billion.
  • Average time to complete income tax return decreased from previous year to 4.6 hours.

The statistics shows that; Australians continue to favour using a tax agent to lodge their tax return, which was about 74%. If you are looking for expert advice at a cheap rate you can choose TaxShark are Australia's leading tax accountants offering expert advice for income tax returns, refunds and more to help you out in online tax return services.  

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