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If you are a tradesman, foreman, apprentice, carpenter, plasterer, plumber, painter, roofer or labourer of a construction project in Australia you may able to claim some tax deductions on your personal tax return. 

Here is the checklist of the tax deductions you may be able to claim on your personal taxreturn – 

  •  Uniforms: The cost of buying protective, occupation specific or compulsory clothing, uniforms and footwear.
  • Laundry: The cost of washing or dry cleaning of uniforms.
  • First aid courses: The cost of first aid courses, like: workshop on first aiders in the building and construction industry.
  • The cost of parking or tolls: You can also claim expenses of parking or tolls cost if you are traveling to attain a seminar or meeting that is not held at your usual place of wor
  • Meals:  The cost of buying meals when you work overtime or you are required to stay away from home overnight for work.
  • Protective items: If you need to buy goggles, breathing masks, gloves, gum boots etc for protection purpose, you can claim tax deductions.
  • Technical training courses: The cost of work-related short training courses, Like: truck and heavy equipment driving, management, staff supervision etc.
  • Self-education courses: You can claim deductions on the cost of self-education courses run by a University (not including HECS/HELP) or TAFE.
  • Unions & Membership: If you have a cost for union or professional association fees, you can claim a tax deduction on it.  
  • Donations: You can claim a tax deduction on donations that you make for your work purpose.
  • Documentation charge: You can claim a tax deduction for the cost of office documentation.
  • Materials or supplies costs: The cost of any materials or supplies that you buy for use at work, like: First aid equipment, Tool Box.
  • Internet & Mobile costs: You can claim a tax deduction for Internet connection fees and on your mobile bill that you make for work from your home. 
  • Bank Fees: The cost of bank fees charged on your work-related or investment accounts.
  • Tax agent fees:  The amount you pay to your accountant to prepare your tax return each year.

N.B: To get your tax deduction you must have to keep all receipts for work related purchases, even if the expenses are not listed above.

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